Wildflower family session

I am so lucky to live where I do. My town is a charming, quaint, westerny, er’ybody knows er’ybody kinda place and it’s a short drive to some of the most magnificent wildflowers the eye has ever seen. The wildflowers out here in Santa Margarita only bloom a few weeks out of every year and this year was especially unique as we experienced a “superbloom” meaning just that, it was SUPER. I got to shoot a few families and friends out there but perhaps the one that stood out was Kovena and Michael’s family. Such a sweet bond between them all and the boys had a blast rolling around in the lupines. They found me on IG, and drove all the way up from the Santa Barbara area, which was so special to me. If you haven’t ever made it out to Shell Creek Rd to experience the wildflowers, make it a point to do it next year! And who knows, if we have heavy rainfall again, perhaps another superbloom will take place! Enjoy.