Big Sur Beauty

This wedding was: Simple, Stunning, Significant. Simple in that Hannah and Jordan invited only 20 of their closest friends and family, Stunning well, you'll see as you scroll below and Significant in that they chose their very favorite place on earth to celebrate their love, Big Sur, as their destination, where they have shared many memories and significant moments together over the years. I choose to only shoot a handful of my own weddings each year and I'm always so completely honored to be a part of intimate weddings, such as this one. Hannah and Jordan were so warm and inviting from the moment we met. I'm sure they had jitters, as all couples do, but they were so relaxed and easy-going as we all jumped in their truck and adventured Big Sur together, in search of beauty. And we found it, loud and clear. They made me feel like I was part of the day, like a guest as well. Thank you to them and to all their wonderful people for making my work so meaningful. Enjoy!