My passion for photography began quite young peering through the viewfinder of my dad's old Canon AE-1. It quickly progressed and by 15 had a homemade darkroom set up in my bathroom and was shooting 35mm film stills of just about anyone who would let me. The mystery of light and shadow never ceased to fascinate.

My zest for life and adventure took me across the country from my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, to the Central Coast of CA in a Volkswagen van at age 20 with the love of my life. I received my BA in Graphic Arts from Cal Poly and worked in marketing and design before having my 3 kids and settling in the rolling hills of Santa Margarita. It was after the birth of my second child in 2011 that I dusted off my old camera and reignited my love for photography. I began shooting weddings professionally that year and have since grown my business to include family, birth, lifestyle and fine art portrait sessions.

I am an Offset artist with Shutterstock and have been published in magazines such as Dear Photographer, Wild + Free, Yoga World and a host of online publications such as Romper, The Sincere Storyteller, Camera Mama, Momtogs, Run Wild My Child and Dearest Viewfinder.

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